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Caring for a loved one living with dementia can be overwhelming. As behaviors change and rolls evolve, you may feel at a loss and guilty for grieving the loss of the person you have spent your life with, but who is not yet gone. 

Dementia Coaching Service can provide support, and answer your questions. We can help you adapt by teaching you skills and techniques that can help you maintain a relationship with your loved one that is nurturing to you both. We offer one on one coaching consultations and a host of conveniently scheduled webinars that will provide you with the same training enjoyed by professionals.

For people living in Solano, Contra Costa and Napa Counties, we also offer one on one companionship for your loved one to offer you some respite and time to take care of yourself.

Click here to access our calendar to make an appointment today. Before our scheduled call, please send your question or concern via email. This will give us a chance to consider strategies appropriate to your specific and unique situation.

Reach out. We can help. Sign up for a consult or a webinar.

Suggested Coaching Topics: 

  1. What should I expect?

  2. Why is he/she acting this way? 

  3. Is he/she doing this on purpose?

  4. How do I take care of myself when I am a full time caregiver.

  5. Can we still do the things we have always enjoyed?

  6. What kinds of activities will help cognitively and keep him/her engaged.

  7. Why does my loved one seem depressed?

  8. Why are some days better than others?

  9. Is it PTSD or is it Dementia?

  10. What about sex?

  11. Is our home still safe?

  12. What are the signs that we need alternative housing

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